I Was Captivated

…and I’m not talking about Stasi Eldredge’s book. 

Yesterday, for 5 hours I was glued to the t.v watching CNN & NBC captivated by the counting of votes and waiting eagerly for the ‘important moments’ – Obama taking Pennsylvania and later Ohio……

My friend Dave said watching the election results is a bit like watching test match cricket – Occasional action with extended discussion over and over about the same event. But we still love it. U.S election results 2008

Now, I’m not fooled into thinking this will change the world as we know it. Who knows, it may not even make a difference to the US – although I’m sure it will somehow. 

Rather I was captivated but the elevation of a leader who lived with integrity, spoke with confidence and promised change. He was humble in regards his ‘enemy’ and bold in regards his vision for the future. 



I don’t know what reality will look like in the future for the US. But I know that for 5 hours yesterday I was like a pig in mud.



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