Study break

I’ve been sitting at my desk this morning studying OT textual criticism. So, I’ve been reading lots about how we get our OT text – how many variations are there in the Hebrew, where has the actual text come from etc, etc. Sort of cool, but in another sense kinda dry. 

So, whilst studying I’ve been listening to a bit of Michael Card. He is basically one of the best Christian singer/song writers who has ever lived. People are turned off him, cause his sound does have an 80’s feel to it. But regardless of that – his songs are great. 

He has one song written for his kids – all the advice he wants to give them. It has a killer first verse;

Reject the worldly lie that says,
That life lies always up ahead,
Let power go before control becomes a crust around your soul,

Escape the hunger to possess,
And soul-diminishing success,
This world is full of narrow lives,
I pray by grace your smile survives.”

It makes for a nice study break from the hebrew text : )


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