2008 Winner of NYC Tropfest


Watch. It’s good.

Thinking about church, why can’t we continue to preach the gospel fearless and show stuff like this (maybe not this exactly, but you get my drift)?


5 thoughts on “2008 Winner of NYC Tropfest

  1. Thanks. I liked that (been meaning to watch this since The Fountainside posted it and you reminded me). Yes, I think the short film is a seriously under-utilised tool.

  2. Hey Tube-man! Great vid. Yup, gotta use this stuff…wisely. It packs a powerful punch. My only concern is that we may get reductionistic and dumb-down God’s word to what can be expressed in 3:20 of youtube. It’s like a punch with no follow up, no reason for getting whacked. Like, “I just go smacked about the head but I’m not sure why nor what to do now”. I’d want to seemlessly be engaged with God’s word through the vid experience– if that makes sense.

    So, how did exams and the 2008 course go? Well, I trust. Cate and I were walking past the Church under the Bridge one recent Saturday evening. Was that your distinctive form I saw mingling with the punters?

    Cheers, Stu.

  3. i have no idea who you are, i was just scrolling through wordpress to see what was going on in random blogs.

    i really appreciate this video. i think i might post it on my blog, it is worth any attention it might receive.


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