What I’m Reading

On Tuesday I purchased this book;


It’s a bit of a pop fav. at the moment and I am intrigued by its arguments and it’s conclusions. So far I’m 45 pages in and still have a long way to go.

The basic premise is that religious faith is bad. Well, it’s not all bad, but the good bits that people get from their religious faith can be gained by other means. Fundamentalist Faith is illogical and dangerous and those who are moderate or ‘sit on the fence’ are just as dangerous because they happliy tolerate fundamentalists under the taboo of religion. 

What we need to do is stop this ridiculous obsession of ‘accepting’ people of faith as rational, logical people.

It is interesting that whilst the book is a critique of radical Muslims and Christians, it seems to be written from a radical secularist perspective.

Anyway, I have several hundered more pages to read…

If anyone else has read it or wants to add thoughts please do.


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