2009 Begins

And so last week I moved back into Chappo House, the dorm house for single male students at Moore College. 

It’s been a year since I was last living here and it felt strangely comforting to return to a 5mx6m room and decorate. The advantage is that ‘moving in’ & decorating such a room takes about 4 hours in total. 

And so my final year at Bible College begins. 

I have started working on an essay for our social ethics subject investigating whether ‘sustainable development’ is theologically preferable to other approaches to the natural environment. It’s good to be working on genuinely practical outworkings of the past 3 years of study. 

I’m also reading Surprised By Hope by Tom Wright. I’m hoping to write a talk series on Hope and The New Creation, because I agree with Wright that in Christian circles we are unhelpfully ignorant regarding what happens after death. In fact I think for many people they have a strange mash of buddhist/gnostic/’christian’ pictures of ‘heaven’. And considering that the new creation and our life there is a common reason given for obedience in the NT I reckon we need to get ourselves straight about it. 

(If you’ve read Surprised By Hope I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I know some claim that Wright provides too much continuity between this creation and the next, ignoring 2 Peter 3, but I sometimes struggle to work out whether they really disagree with his argument or if they just don’t like him personally.)

Here are a few pics of the new room and a touch of Australia for this the 26th Day of Jan : )


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