Dear Diary

(i stumbled across some class reflections from late last year, the cougar is a lecturer)

Today I was in class all day next to Matt and Petey. It was all kinda cool and the cougar commanded respect like only a wild animal can.

I like wild animals.

The greek text is really fun. In fact, one day I hope to be some smart person who rewrites the bible in a new and better translation.

I wish I was invisible.

….and had super strength.

Anyways, we were told that understanding text criticism is kinda like being a pirate…or reading a pirate map…..or something? I like pirates, especially Johnny Depp. I would have totally got into the text more if they had handed out eye patches.pirate-dumping

But they didn’t.

Its funny how 15min can often seem like a million years. Or, potentially longer than a million years, more like eternal damnation.

If I could live for a million years, I’d totally take up surfing as a more regular past time.

But as far as eternal damnation goes, I think that sucks.


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