The Wrestler

Every now and then you get tricked by a movie.

You see its trailer, you view a few key scenes and your mind fills in the gaps so that you’ve pretty much worked the whole thing out before you buy your ticket and slide into your seat.wrestler

Last week, to be honest with you, I was a little down in the dumps – for all sorts of reasons. I had wanted to see this flick for a long time and figured in my current state a tale of redemption was exactly what I needed. So Rowan and I wandered down to the Dendy on King, picked up our tickets, purchased our beers (which you can take into the cinema) and sat down for a tale of hope. 

2 hours later we emerged with very little to say, to depressed to fake any small talk and definitely in a worse place emotionally then when we went in. What can I say? This movie is the physical embodiment of the CS Lewis quote I posted some weeks back. Go here to read it. 

And to actually see that reality, to sit and watch a life disconnected was so tragic. Humans outside of relationship aren’t really….human. I mean, I know that’s philosophical mumbo jumbo, but go watch this film and you’ll see why it’s true. You’ll see why it’s true that a ‘helper’ was a genuine blessing to Adam. You’ll see why it’s true that God calls a people and not just a few scattered individuals. You’ll see why it’s true that selfishness can only ever lead to tragic isolation and you’ll see why it’s true that real love and satisfying love is the giving up of self for the other. 

The giving up of self for the other, that sounds so restrictive and enslaving – but in a bizarre twist, it is in fact liberating and redeeming. Jesus’ challenge that ‘whoever wants to save his life must lose it, and whoever loses his life for me will save it’ is an invitation into true humanity. A true humanity that mirrors the trinitarian God who created it. A true humanity found ‘in loving relationship’ not out of it. I wanted to jump up during the movie, dive through the screen and plead with ‘the Ram’ (main character) to hear these words and act……

In John 11, I think one of the reasons Jesus wept outside the tomb of lazarus was because he saw face to face the end result of sin in our world and the destruction it has caused. I’d say in a similar way I came face to face with the end result of sin in a relational sense through this movie and if I was a more Jesus kinda guy I would have wept too. 


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