Its 7 weeks till Christmas.
Since I’m not a minister at any specific church I don’t get to give any Christmas sermons this year. However, I have managed to get a preaching spot at a small church in Kellyville for the 3 weeks leading up to Christmas.

A couple of years ago my friend Rowan had a ‘Christmas in July’ celebration and I spent $110 on a Santa suit and turned up mid way through the dinner with a bag of gifts for everyone.

That was lots of fun, but this Christmas I’m feeling led to do something with a little more substance.

So I’m thinking about the incarnation.

In my experience, most Christmas sermons I’ve heard have actually been Easter sermons ‘veiled’ with some tinsel and Christmas lights. I love Easter because I love chocolate and I think Jesus death and resurrection have been the two most important events in human history.

Yet Christmas has been the time (classically) for Christians to remember Jesus birth, not his death and resurrection.

Most of the time I hear sermons which talk about the birth of Jesus for 10min and then move to explaining that ultimately his birth was so that he could die on the cross for us. As a result in the last 30min the preachers switches to their Easter sermon.

Which is ok, except they never offer chocolate.

So with 7 weeks to go, I want to think through what it might mean that the God of the universe entered this world – our world. I think the whole idea of the incarnation is weird. If the Christmas story is true, it means the most powerful being in the universe showed up in his own created world as a baby in a backwater part of the Middle East.

 Something has to be wrong with that?


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