How Bible Plan’s Work

This week I began a Bible reading plan which aims to take you through the whole Bible in a year. I was inspired by my brother Scott who was asking around about the best plans and also by Dave Miers who has blogged about it recently (which you can read about here:

I have chosen Don Carson’s For The Love Of God, Volume 2.
For the Love of God volume 2

Each day you read 4 chapters of the Bible (following Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s plan). This morning I read;

Genesis 4
Matthew 4
Ezra 4
Acts 4

Now this is the cool part of how it all fits – This morning I read in Genesis 4 of the continuing wickedness of people who refuse to listen to their loving God. This was seen in Cain killing his brother Abel. Then in Ezra 4 we read of the opposition to building the temple that was thrown at the Israelites after returning from exile. Flip over to Acts 4 and Peter and John face great opposition as they are thrown in prison for declaring the name of Jesus and healing a lame man in His name. In other words – all the readings are about opposition to God and to those who seek to follow him.

But amidst the readings we have Matthew 4. Jesus going into the desert to be tempted by Satan. Jesus feeling hungry and lonely facing opposition to his mission from the greatest foe – tempting him with pleasure (food), power and control.
Yet at the height of the temptation, what do we see? Jesus resists. He doesn’t give in. And he returns from the desert as obedient and as Godly as when he first went in.

I take it from my 4 readings this morning that it isn’t easy to follow God in this broken down world. But there has been one who has done it for me already. Jesus, the righteous one.
It is He who is righteous, not me.
It is Jesus who will guide me through my own temptations, opposition, failings and victories.

Yesterday I reaped the bad fruit of some bad decisions and I was all to aware of my own limitations and failings.

This morning I am glad to read that Jesus has got it sorted for me if only I will listen, follow and celebrate his victory.


One thought on “How Bible Plan’s Work

  1. Now this would make an interesting blog. Would one be more likely to do their daily bible readings if they had to do a reflection each day?
    I’m almost through doing it for the second time! Good value!

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