The Best Rest

As I write this I am looking at several pelicans paddle past on the sundrenched water. It’s 7:45pm and the sun looks tired, almost thankful that it can drop beneath the tree line in search of rest. Two ducks are walking along the grass in in search of something tasty living amongst the buffalo.

I think true rest needs nature.

If you can’t hear the call of a Kookaburra in the trees and see the glisten of the sun on the water then it doesn’t count. It might pass as ‘time off’ but not rest.

I’m a city boy. I’m terrible at organising time away – even though we own a beauitful little house on the Crookhaven River at Orient Point. I’m glad I’m here now though. It’s reminded me exactly what I’ve missed.

As I write this Naomi is sitting on the deck reading her Bible. I’ve been getting up at 6:30am to watch the sun rise, the birds fly off to Greenwell Point and read my Bible. Four chapters of the Bible a day with a coffee. Reading of God’s holiness in Genesis, his faithfulness in Ezra, his total and complete presence in the person of Jesus and the boldness of the men and woman in Acts.

I think true rest needs God.

Not just a vague spiritual ‘feeling’ but a real, tangible reading of God’s character and his great acts of love towards us in the Scriptures. What better rest is there than being reminded that we are part of something must bigger than ourselves. That we are loved, that we have purpose and hope.

It was great sharing this time down south with Simon and Michelle Walker. A beautiful couple who share a great love of both nature and God. Michelle is pregnant and due any day but she and Simon made the trip down to share it with us. We took turns in making dinner, we drunk wine, we spoke of how to solve all the worlds problems and we played hours of Carcassonne – you know it’s holidays when you’re playing board games.

I think true rest needs community.

Real friends, who share your heart and love to suck the marrow out of life. Nothing is the same when you can’t share it. I’m so thankful for these guys.

It might surprise you but the concept of standing before the pearly gates and being welcomed into a cloud city called heaven is not really all that biblical. Rather, the Bible speaks of the new creation – a real, physical, beautiful creation ruled by Jesus and filled by his people. It’s a perfect place – there is joy, love and contentment.

This is rest.

I guess the best rest we can experience this side of heaven must involve all the things that will be ‘everday’ experiences in the New Creation.

God is pretty generous to give us a taste of the good things to come.


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