Why it’s good to be a Christian school

2.      We have a foundation for community that is second to none

Communities are always complex. Bring 2 or more people together for any extended period of time and there are bound to be problems. Here at Cranbrook we have a community of students, teaching staff, support staff, admin staff and parents that is vast. Our Christian foundation provides us with the perfect stability upon which to build such a community.Humility

Christians have been thinking about how best to run communities for over 2000 years! Both Jesus and the apostle Paul made it clear what the key ingredient for real community is – love – plain and simple. And the particular expression of love that is emphasised is humility – seeking the good of the other, even at cost to oneself. This picture of humility is not plucked from thin air but rather is emphasised because it is the very character of God. God is a God who loves us at cost to himself as most clearly seen in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

And so as your son enters Cranbrook – an Anglican school, a Christian school, he is entering a community that is guided by love. He will be cared for by staff and other students and he himself will be challenged and encouraged to care for others. It is a great foundation for a community like ours. I would say it is the best!


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