Welcome to my blog.

My name is Craig and I love reflecting and writing about life and the pursuit of meaning within it. I work as a School Chaplain, I share a house with an English teacher and I have a great vegetable garden. I find comfort in playing, writing and listening to music. I find general sanity in exercise and time with friends.  I find true meaning, purpose and grounding in the person of Jesus.

The world we live in is amazing for lots of reasons. But one of them is the fact that it is a created world. That means it has been made by someone. Not only is that the case for this world, but also for us as human beings. We are created beings, designed with the role of loving our creator, loving each other and seeking to subdue and rule this world.

I hope my reflections may help to encourage, challenge and spur you on to embrace this created world, the God who stands behind it and the new creation which he has in stall for all those who place their trust in Jesus Christ.

– Craig

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